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Stonetown - World Heritage Site with a lot of charm

Stonetown takes its name from the coral limestone houses built since about 1830 and is the capital of the Tanzanian part-state of Zanzibar. With around 500,000 inhabitants, Stonetown is not only the largest city in Zanzibar, but also the cultural center of the island. Whether from an architectural, culinary, historical and cultural point of view: Stonetown is a melting pot of Indian, Arabic and African influences. The city is characterized by its narrow streets, the hustle and bustle in all streets and by the most diverse smells and scents. Marvel at sights such as the House of Wonder, the Old Pharmacy, the Fort, the Princess Salme Palace, the Anglican Church, the Slave Market or the Fish Market and enjoy the breathtaking view over a sundowner on one of the city’s magnificent rooftop terraces. Afterwards, immerse yourself in the colorful African hustle and bustle at the night (food) market in the Forodhani garden for dinner and enjoy fresh fish, seafood or meat skewers, Zanzibar pizza and fresh fruit.

Duration: ½ day – 1 day

Cost: on request

Can be combined with: Prison Island Tour, Spice Farm, Slave Caves

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